Steam Coal of Indonesian Origin

With extensive years of experience, we can deliver the best grade of steam coal to valued clients. Steam Coal of Indonesian Origin is usually soft, lightweight, and black in color. The coal is available in 3800 GAR to 6000 GAR and clients can buy it as per their energy requirements. This variety of coal that we offer is widely used in power plants, coal screening plants, paper mills, chemicals & dyes industries and other industries. The basic size of the steam coal of Indonesia Origin is 0-50 mm.

Main features of Steam Coal (3800 GAR to 6000 GAR)

Our clients choose us over other suppliers as we deliver only high quality coal that exhibits these below mentioned crucial properties:

  • Low ash and moisture content
  • Less smoke generation on burning
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Low calorific value and
  • Sulphur Content is low(<1%)
  • 37–47% share of volatile matter

Application of Steam Coal (3800 GAR to 6000 GAR)

Most industries rely on this steam coal to support daily operations and processes. It is common coal that is used as the major source of power and heat generation. For electricity generation, steam coal is widely demanded in different industries. With the use of this steam coal, it is easy to generate sufficient energy that is needed by refineries, boilers, furnaces, and industries.

If you have any requirement for power generation then you can buy steam coal of Indonesian origin from us at highly affordable rates. To know more about the coal’s specifications, get in touch with us.