We at DB Group are engrossed in providing the premium range of Lignite and Thangarh Coal that finds application in various industries and oil & gas refineries. Right from boilers to furnaces, this Lignite coal can be used in several sectors. The purpose of electricity generation can be achieved with the use of Lignite and Thangarh Coal.

Lignite and Thangarh Coal are black, hard in strength, and lightweight. It also looks like a shiny texture and is known for its heat value. Coal has high thermal efficiency which increased its demand in the market. This Indian Origin coal is available in 2000 GCV ADB to 4000 GCV ADB.

We are working continuously for catering to the vivid needs of various mineral resources in industrial sectors. Both Lignite and Thangarh Coal are extensively used in power generation plants, steel mills, and cement plants.

Why choose us for buying Lignite and Thangarh Coal?

  • The Lignite and Thangarh Coal that we provide are featured with high carbon content and low ash formation
  • We ensure affordability while buying coal from us.
  • Our offered coal has a high ash-fusion temperature
  • Coal is featured with a high calorific value that makes it suitable for various power generation applications in different industries.

Lignite and Thangarh Coal are primarily used in power plants to generate electricity. However, there are many other general uses for lignite as well. Lignite coal can also be used in synthetic natural gas, fertilizers, and several chemicals. The main application of Lignite and Thangarh Coal is in boilers to generate electricity. For bulk buying, connect with us.