Petroleum coke is widely used as a byproduct in every oil refining process.

Also known as pet-coke, Petroleum coke is widely used as a byproduct in every oil refining process. We as a noted supplier of petroleum coke offer the best-grade products that too at highly affordable rates. Our offered petroleum coke of Saudi Arabia Origin is highly popular because of its extensive application in oil and gas refineries. It also finds huge applications in boilers and furnaces operations. As a trusted pet coke supplier, we offer an extensive gamut of superior quality petroleum coke.

Features of our offered Petroleum coke

Because of the crucial physical and chemical characteristics of pet-coke, it is widely demanded in refining and crude oil technology used by the refinery.

The petroleum coke that we offer contains very high carbon and forms low-ash solid during crude oil processing

This sort of coal also resembles large sponges with numerous pores

Petcoal that we offer can be hard or soft.

Areas of application of petroleum coke

The wide range of petroleum coke that we deliver has numerous applications:

  • Petcoke is widely used as a fuel source in power plants.
  • The petroleum coke that we offer can also be used as an energy source in the cement industry.

We offer petroleum coke in vivid sizes ranging from a grain of sand to a large marble. No matter what type of petroleum coke you need, we are here to deliver the best grade coal your way. We source these coals only from authentic vendors that ensure quality and excellent properties. If you have any requirements for petroleum coke, then consider connecting with us.